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I'm a food lover, travel lover and a documentary lover.

I’ve been a mover since before I was born. I was just so excited to see the world that I made quite the scene with my dramatic 5 week early arrival but I have since lived to tell the tale and continue to live and tell tales 27 years on.


In fact that’s what I love the most about life. Telling stories. Going to drama school and eventually working as a performer was the most natural route for me, but sometimes you just want to tell your own stories. So I occasionally do. But sometimes I get anxious about that, like this little voice inside my head suddenly looks in from the outside while I’m recounting an adventure and rudely says that perhaps you’ve been talking about yourself for too long...

... but that's why we have blogs!

My desire is to take you on a journey, from the comfort of your computer sitting area, through my eyes to each weird and wonderful place I end up. I love reading travel blogs and watching videos from travelers and internet celebs, but I get so bored of siphoning through the “top 10” lists and the “what to pack” hauls. I love seeing real life people go on real life journeys in real life places and feel real life inspired.


If I can feel inspired, I thought, maybe you could too?


Sometimes my right leg stops working, sometimes I sleep through entire afternoons, I can’t eat all of the local cuisine and I sort of kind of really hate airports but I jump in the deep end, live a spontaneous life of saying yes and love nothing more than connecting with the locals.

So here we go! C'est parti!

Jess Brien writer