Jess specialises in teaching yoga for performers, having taught yoga for various production rehearsals in Wellington, for the New Zealand Fringe Festival artists, at BATS Theatre (Wellington), The Circus Hub (Wellington) for aerial artists, and pop up classes around NZ including at NASDA for past and previous students and Court Theatre actors. As a performer herself, she realises the benefit of being connected with your breath and body, and can tailor her class to suit.


Specialist classes around NZ

for theatre companies, performing arts schools or rehearsals

Price on negotiation 

"As a dance teacher I find Jess' classes to be ideal in catering to the needs of dancers. Her classes teach you to have full body awareness and develop understanding of the interaction between different muscle groups in the body. She instructs in a manner that allows students to understand the need for strength and flexibility. Jess' former training and experience in Performing Arts and Dance clearly comes through in the structure of her classes and she is able to create lessons which strategically target specific muscle groups for intense stretch and conditioning." - Ilia Lindsay, JK Danceworks Choreographer and Senior Tutor

"Jess brings an extra sparkle and enjoyment to yoga that makes it feel accessible to anyone. As a performer anxiety and stress is very common in my day to day life and taking time to release tension in my body and mind is such a great feeling and I believe something that is essential." - Riley Harter, Actor

"The class was an excellent balance of physically challenging, technically interesting and emotionally rewarding. Jess's approach to yoga is warming and inviting, making every part of the class fun and giving me a sense of ease and delight. Her attitude also meant the class was available to people of any level in yoga. I left with a huge smile on my face which stayed all day!" - Margot Rose, NASDA Graduate

"If you had a weekly class for performers I'd be there without fail." - Jack Marshall, Actor


Jess is currently Auckland based, but travels around NZ and internationally performing so is usually always able to make something work for you. Predominantly a yin and yin/yang yoga teacher Jess enjoys teaching one on one or in small groups to deliver a completely tailored class to suit whatever you may need. She is able to come to you at your home, (she currently teaches privates on a boat!) school (she finds herself teaching at The Circus Hub (Wellington) quite a lot) or work or can organise a space for the class (at an additional cost.)

60 minute classes

Yin, Yin/Yang or Power Vinyasa

$50 - $100

"Guiding smaller groups can sometimes be intimidating and challenging, Jess takes this in her stride, providing beautifully crafted sequences that allowed her to reach all her students and open doorways for them to move past their physical practice and beyond the body." - Andrea Broad, 4InspiredMovement Studio


Yoga and performing go hand in hand for Jess. She was honoured to teach a voice workshop for Hot Yoga Wellington in April 2017 for the 200HR teacher trainee class. Blending her passion for yoga, the body, chakras and performing, Jess inspires and guides teacher trainees through a session focused on building confidence, finding your authentic voice, the importance of warming up and mechanics of the voice. Students of this workshop will leaves with exercises they can do at home and the confidence to speak in public during a yoga class. 


Specialist workshops around NZ

for yoga teacher training programmes, yoga studios, yoga teachers, other group fitness class instructors

Price on negotiation  

Please note this class is not limited to yoga instructors.

"Cheers hun you were friggin awesome, lovely meeting ya and hope to bump to you again" - Melanie, 200YTT Hot Yoga Wellington

"Thanks so much for your workshop! It really helped me the following day with relaxation and nerves." - Jess, 200YTT Hot Yoga Wellington

"Thanks to you, I think I have found my voice!" - Jen, 200YTT Hot Yoga Wellington


Kids love Jess and Jess thinks kids are alright. 

She is currently teaching mindfulness classes for The Kindness Institute for primary school aged children in Auckland, NZ.

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