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Jess found yoga when she was studying at drama school after her mum suggested she attend a class to help with flexibility for dancing. As a classic just-moved-out-of-home young adult, she instantly resisted the idea, eventually giving in and trying her very first vinyasa class.

She was hooked!

(But no one tell her mum!)

A diagnosis of a chronic illness soon followed during her final year of drama school and yoga quickly became her lifeline. Initially finding her practise through a desire to be more flexible (sound familiar!?) she had soon discovered many more benefits of mindfulness and taking yoga off the mat.

She completed her 200HR yoga teacher training in New Zealand and has taught at various locations around New Zealand and Australia specialising in yin, slow gentle vinyasa classes & classes for performers.

She aims to bring a sense of calm and stillness to every one of her classes

...with a couple of laughs along the way.

Throughout her teacher training she realised her dharma ("the eternal law of the cosmos") is to share - a quality she brings to every yoga class.  

An eternal student of yoga and a yin baby at heart, she loves coming to her mat for a yin practise or a slow vinyasa flow class. 

Jess teaches in English with a touch of Sanskrit and hands on assists. While she is the guide she truly believes we are our own best teachers, so she holds a safe space for yogis to explore and play...

Because life is too short not to play!





Jess has guided yoga, meditation and mindfulness classes at a variety of yoga studios, schools and community centres including Hot Yoga Wellington, 4InspiredMovement, Newtown Community Centre, Berhampore Community Centre and with The Kindness Institute.

Corporate and private classes are also available (a personal highlight was teaching private classes on a boat!) and Jess can tailor a class to suit your specific needs.

Jess's classes are rooted in yin, yin/yang and gentle vinyasa practices, taught in English with a touch of sanskrit and hands on assists.

Jess specialises in teaching yoga for performers, having taught yoga for various production rehearsals in Wellington, for the Adelaide Fringe Festival & New Zealand Fringe Festival artists, at BATS Theatre (Wellington), The Basement Theatre (Auckland), The Circus Hub (Wellington) for aerial artists, and pop up classes around NZ including at NASDA for past and previous students and Court Theatre actors.

As a performer herself, she realises the benefit of being connected with your breath and body for performance and especially anxiety, and can tailor her class to suit.

Blending her passion for yoga and 8 years of voice training, Jess inspires and guides teacher trainees through sessions focused on building confidence, finding your authentic voice, the importance of warming up and the mechanics of the voice. Students of this workshop will leave with exercises they can do at home and the confidence to speak in public during a yoga class.

"Thanks to you, I think I have found my voice!"

- Jen, 200YTT Hot Yoga Wellington



Jess provided beautifully crafted sequences that allowed her to reach all her students and open doorways for them to move past their physical practice and beyond the body.

Her ability to face challenges with humour and compassion, whilst always maintaining her drive to follow her passions is inspiring. She has a lot to offer her colleagues, friends and students. 

Andrea Broad

Owner, 4InspiredMovement Studio

As a dance teacher I find Jess' classes to be ideal in catering to the needs of dancers. Her classes teach you to have full body awareness and develop understanding of the interaction between different muscle groups in the body. She instructs in a manner that allows students to understand the need for strength and flexibility. Jess' former training and experience in Performing Arts and Dance clearly comes through in the structure of her classes and she is able to create lessons which strategically target specific muscle groups for intense stretch and conditioning. 

Ilia Lindsay

JK Danceworks Choreographer and Senior Tutor

The class was an excellent balance of physically challenging, technically interesting and emotionally rewarding. Jess's approach to yoga is warming and inviting, making every part of the class fun and giving me a sense of ease and delight. Her attitude also meant the class was available to people of any level in yoga. I left with a huge smile on my face which stayed all day!

Margot Rose

NASDA Graduate

I have known Jess for over two years as one of my regular yoga instructors. Jess' vibrant personality and friendly nature  means she is highly regarded and well liked by all of us in the local yoga community. Her yoga teaching abilities are of a very high standard and she teaches each class in a thoroughly professional manner.

Mark Haldane


Jess brings an extra sparkle and enjoyment to yoga that makes it feel accessible to anyone. As a performer anxiety and stress is very common in my day to day life and taking time to release tension in my body and mind is such a great feeling and I believe something that is essential.

Riley Harter


I love Jess’ yin classes. After a stressful day at work I can come and be guided into letting go of any stress and tension I’m holding. Her sequencing always makes me feel like I’ve been able to truly get into a place of calm and release.

Shirley McLeod

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