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Get into a comfy position and simply press play to stream online.

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Any questions/concerns or to carry on the conversation about meditation email


especially for COVID-19 time

There's no denying that the world we are currently living in is extremely uncertain, overwhelming and stressful. I hope this meditation brings you a sense of grounding to help navigate the challenges you may be facing.

Remember, you always have your breath with you. It really is your super power.

Suitable for all levels of meditator


Box breathing has been proven to be one of the fastest ways to reduce the heart rate, bring a sense of calm & activate the parasympathetic nervous system.

This short breathing meditation focuses on the principles of box breathing and encourages you to incorporate it in your every day life.

I hope this breathing technique can help bring a sense of calm to your day today.

Suitable for all levels of meditator.

Listen to the meditation, or if you prefer take a look at the video below!


This no bull$h*t isolation meditation focuses on taking deep nourishing breaths and finding a tiny bit of stillness and calm amongst the chaos out there.

I know that it could feel counter intuitive to sit in stillness on your own and meditate right now when all you have been doing is sitting... on your own... in self isolation! Or perhaps you have been running around absolutely frantic not sure what to do with yourself.


This short breath practice is for you no matter where you sit on that scale.

Suitable for all levels of meditator, especially for beginners.


"You got this. I believe in you."

A short guided practice specifically designed for everyone attending the Adelaide Fringe Festival, whether you are performing, working or running the whole thing! A simple guided breath practice bringing you back into the present and relaxing the body & mind amidst the chaos of the Festival.


Suitable for all levels of meditators.

Or if you just need someone to tell you "you got this" skip to the 6 minute mark!

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