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A graduate of the National Academy of Singing and Dramatic Art (Christchurch, NZ), a stint Francine Cote’s Clown and Comedy School (Montreal, CAD) and the infamous Celebration Barn (Maine, USA), Jess is a clown, cabaret, and street performer.


Jess has been performing around New Zealand and internationally since 2014 and there isn't anything Jess won't have a go at on stage. She has already dipped her toes (or more like dove straight on in to the deep end!) in musical theatre, circus, comedy, Shakespeare, children's theatre, corporate entertainment, street theatre and cabaret.

Highlights include Anna in Spring Awakening (NASDA), Unsupervised - An Original Cabaret with Bekah & Jess (Basement Theatre, Auckland) and writing and performing her debut clown character Coriander at festivals such as The World Buskers Festival (NZ), The Adelaide Fringe Festival (Australia), Edinburgh Festival Fringe (Scotland), World Busking Day (London), Le Festival des Clown de Montreal (Canada), The Edmonton International Fringe Festival (Canada) and The Sydney Fringe Festival (Australia) to name a few, as well as independent seasons around New Zealand to sell out crowds and rave reviews (★★★★ - Advertiser)

Jess's most recent creation is Jess The Mess an interactive comedy street show that she has been performing on the street and at festivals around NZ and the world.

When Jess isn't performing she is writing (you can see all of that here!) exploring the world, eating gluten free pizza & laughing at her own jokes.

2010 - present

A comedy juggling street show filled with danger, sparkles and some seriously sweet dance moves...


Bekah & Jess have just discovered the world's best kept secret... No one knows what they're doing! An original cabaret...


Once told off for talking too much in school assembly to talking for a living...


It's yoga with spice, it's yoga with flavour, it's yoga with Coriander (but you can call her Randi for short!) ...

2010 - present

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