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Jess Brien headshot 01

A graduate of the National Academy of Singing and Dramatic Art (Christchurch, NZ), a stint Francine Cote’s Clown and Comedy School (Montreal, CAD) and the infamous Celebration Barn (Maine, USA), Jess is a clown, cabaret, and street performer.

Since graduating, Jess has been performing across New Zealand and internationally in a variety of festivals, circus tents, streets, and theatres. Highlights include performing her comedy juggling show Jess The Mess at Wembley Stadium for London's World Busking Day, creating and performing her debut solo comedy show Coriander to sell out crowds and rave reviews (★★★★ - Advertiser) and Unsupervised - an original cabaret she co-created alongside Rebekah Head. She tends to say yes to a lot of things which would explain the last minute shows she performer in Kuwait, the month-long gig at a flower festival in Canberra while suffering from extreme hayfever, and the tour of regional towns in Poland... She has no regrets!

When Jess isn't performing she can usually be found working on her podcast That's So Chronic, traveling the world, eating gluten free pizza and laughing at her own jokes!

2010 - present