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that's so chronic.

a weekly podcast where Jess Brien interviews some incredible people from around the world that are thriving - and sometimes only just surviving - with chronic illnesses, life changing injuries, and potentially disastrous diagnoses.

That's So Chronic by Jess Brien

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Jess Brien photo Charlie Rose Creative.jpg
Jess Brien photo Charlie Rose Creative.jpg

After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in her final year of drama school and being diagnosed a “medical mystery” at the end of 2019 (that’s a long story, you'll have to listen to the podcast!) Jess was inspired to connect and share stories to spread awareness and hope. 


Something Jess is really passionate about is removing the stigma around chronic illnesses and disabilities so that others can live their best lives. She also loves to make people laugh and has been seen performing across New Zealand and internationally in a variety of festivals, circus tents, streets, and theatres. Highlights include performing her comedy juggling show Jess The Mess at Wembley Stadium for London’s World Busking Day, and hosting Blackboard Theatre Collective’s Isolation Mix Tape concert with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra.


When Jess isn’t performing or working on That’s So Chronic, she can usually be found watching documentaries, talking about her travels (@jessssbrien), eating gluten free pizza

...and laughing at her own jokes!

what people are saying.

"You are such an amazing, empathic listener and I have no doubt you are making such a difference to so many lives."
- Listener | Amy, psychologist

"Jess is an incredibly personable and well-informed host with a heap of empathy. The show is so good at letting people talk in their own voice about their experiences."
- Listener | David

Source: Apple Podcasts

"I was thrilled to see how much research she did prior to our meeting, which made me feel like I was on level ground. Her warm personality made so an easy and lovely interview process."
- Guest | Eh-Den

"She was extremely well-prepared, thoughtful and thorough, an
d created a warm, open environment when it came to recording the episode in person... Jess is, simply put, a professional, empathetic, considerate and supportive interviewer who has done a fantastic job to create a podcast which is full of engaging, meaningful and heart-warming content that supports those with a variety of personal health journeys."
- Guest | Tatjana

"Just made me feel like it's all going to be okay."
- Listener | H

Source: Apple Podcasts

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Every day people listen to episodes of That's So Chronic, with 44,500+ downloads in over 81 countries.

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