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support the pod.

(um thank you love you!)

At the moment That's So Chronic is a one woman team consisting of me, Jess Brien! That means that it's just one person researching, interviewing, hosting, editing, producing, marketing and funding the pod

...all while living with a chronic illness myself!

Tbh, I really believe in this work and would happily spend every waking minute and penny making That's So Chronic happen because... well... I just think it's the best thing ever?!

So, if you can and you want to, feel free to "shout us a coffee" here.

Believe me, every single dollar will go towards growing the podcast, keeping it running, and more importantly keeping it completely free to listen to!

Note: you can pay-what-you-like by entering an amount and paying either by PayPal, or click "pay by debit or credit card" to make a donation

no information shared here will be kept or used by Jess Brien or That's So Chronic

thank you so much!

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