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I’m really not sure if this is going to be the best idea ever, or the worst idea ever, but what I do know is that it is most definitely an idea. I’ve given myself a challenge over the next 52 weeks to write a blog post every week and provide some delicious tasty content on this website of mine. I’ve made myself a wee list of potential topics as inspiration and I’m kicking it off this week with post number one.

It’s that thing of putting something out there and thinking why should people read this? Why would anyone want to read this? And then consequently thinking, “what is even the point then?” I felt like that in Sydney when I was performing a show at The Old 505 Theatre. Why would that bum wanna come and sit on one of my seats when there are literally tens of thousands of other seats to sit on throughout the city? What makes me and my work special? (People did come and sit on my seats and it was the best feeling ever. Do that for all of my shows forever please. Thanks.) I don’t think I’m special. I don’t really think anyone is special if I’m completely honest with you. But my Mum wants me to do more writing and what Mum says goes generally.

So here I am! Sitting at the dining room table on a seat that, thankfully, has a beautiful seat cover on it and shit does it feel good underneath me! I’ve been boycotting these seats and this table since the second week of February because the fake leather was peeling off the chair and leaving black specks all over me which was completely unnecessary drama and stress I did not need in my already very hectic life. So now we have five chair covers in a bright red and one in a wine red. On grabone you can only buy five chair covers at a time so James did that purchase and I bought the other one. Turns out we bought different shades of red. My chair cover matches the curtains perfectly though. Just saying.

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