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Lol. If that isn’t an example of classic Jess Brien then I don’t know what is. Come in all guns blazing during a really positive happy time of my life stating that I will update this blog every week for the next 52 weeks then immediately not follow through.

I used to do this with all of my diaries and journals back in the day too. I would beg my Mum to buy me the coolest new diary on the scene - I definitely remember the voice recognition password journal and one that have fur all over the cover. Then I would write in it for whatever purpose for two pages, maybe five if it was a good week, then quickly disregard it and never look at it again.

It comes as no surprise really that a blog, an online journal of sorts, would be treated the same. Some people never change.

So it’s 3 weeks on from that original (very) bold post and here I am! Better late than never?

It’s taken a little while because things have been sad and busy and stressful and the self-doubt leveled up to a solid 8.5 out of 10. I don’t know if you’ve ever felt it, but it’s when you don’t feel like existing for a couple of days. Not in a dramatic way, just in a ‘I-don’t-want-to-post-on-social-media-or-write-a-blog-because-I-want-people-to-forget-about-me-today-and-leave-me-the-fuck-alone’ kinda thing.

And a lot has happened during the past 3 weeks if I’m honest with you. One of those things was that I became friends with my bus driver one night. It was the outer link bus, an orange bus for all of you playing outside of Auckland, and I was the only one left on from about Pt. Chevelair to Mt Albert. Des, the bus driver, yelled out to me and asked where I was getting off. I didn’t actually know, because what I tend to do is get on a bus and hope for the best. So when I see a landmark or we drive past my house I will press the stop button and just get off there. Luckily for me he understood what I meant by, “the stop up the wee hill after the Mt Albert shops!” Des was stoked. He could now drive the bus with no anxiety that the BUS STOPPING sign and buzzer would suddenly go off until after the Mt Albert shops. A bus driver’s dream! We got chatting because of course we did and he found out that I was working during the comedy festival and he said that he loves the comedy festival! As if Des needed to impress any more than he already had. We still didn’t know each other’s names so we did the very cute “well I’m Jess” and he said while looking in the rear vision mirror, “and I’m Des.” He was so precious and I love him. We chatted a wee bit more about where I was getting off the bus and I explained to him that I get off there which is probably a little bit further to walk but it’s all downhill from there so it makes for much easier walking. We laughed about my laziness. It was then time for me to get off so Des asked me whether I would be out doing comedy festival things for the rest of the week and that he was doing the same route for the next week so maybe we would see each other again!

I haven’t actually seen Des again and I really hope he’s doing okay. I miss him.

Be kind to one another out there, and don’t assume that everyone is annoying or creepy. Sometimes people just want a chat. But if they are creepy, get outta there!

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