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I’ve been really sick recently. Sick with bugs, sick with sadness and sick of it being winter without snow in my life. (This is hopefully all set to change this week when I head down South for some much needed R&R!)

Because of that I haven’t done another one of these things, because I don’t want everyone to know things are a bit average and I’d rather share amusing tales and spin slightly above par yarns.

Now I’m no stranger to the quote, “if you’re not happy - do something about it!” In fact I pride myself on being a bit of a fixer and helper and life-lifter-upper. That’s what makes being sad in the winter so much harder. You’re literally sad because it’s winter, because everyone has disappeared and because you can’t stand outside The Basement and drink cider before and after shows now due to the fact it’s most likely dark, wet and cold outside. (Obviously you can stand inside, but sometimes you feel like a bit of an outsider and can only fake it til you make it in a community that isn’t quite yours yet in a little cramped space for a certain amount of time aye...)

So now what? How can you fix it being winter? Tie a rope around the sun and reel it in like it’s a fish? Ban darkness and southerlies?

I had to take time off last week due my rad immune system hosting a raging party and forgetting to change the privacy settings off public. I housed a bunch of different bugs while they went on a week long bender. Resulting in 5 days completely off everything. Thank god for UberEats.

When you’re your own boss it makes calling in sick worse times two. You’re letting your boss (that’s you, though) know that you’re not going to come in today, probably for the rest of the week and you’ll try and catch up on what you can when you feel up to it. You, as the employee, feel really shit about that. Like you’re letting a whole team down. Then, simultaneously, you get a call from your employer (that’s right, you’re a boss as well) saying they’re not coming in, they’re too sick, and to shove ya job. You’re feeling pissed off now that your CEO of the whole operation isn’t coming in for a week.

You’re the boss AND the employee.

Double the guilt. Double the stress. Double the shittiness.

So how do we stop winter?

I’m going to run away. See you soon Northern Hemisphere!

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